“Scrambled Eggs” Toddler Toonz Vol. 1

My little Egg turned 2 eggxactly 3 days before Xmas. I knew she was going to get bombarded with every facet of clothing, toy or battery operated annoyance fathomable. I wanted to do something for her “Birth Mas” that would be more meaningful than an Elmo phone, something she might actually use past age 2 and a half. She saw a cartoon mashup video I did to a jazz piano improvisation that I wrote, and she kept insisting that I play it for her over and over again. In a parallel thought form, I had also been thinking that all the Sponge Bob was getting old. Those two thought forms converged into a cute little baby thought form, which is “Scrambled Eggs” Toddler Toonz Vol. 1. This is a 10 episode series of cartoon mashups from classic animations set to nifty little hip hop beats donated for the cause by a sampling plate of some pretty cool underground hip hop producers.

You can be a hip hop head, a mommy, or even a film and/or cartoon lover and love this movie as much as your little Peep! Please enjoy!

SLUG Magazine reviewed “Scrambled Eggs” in their May 2012 issue. Here’s what they had to say!

After growing frustrated with all of the crap available for her own tot, Ami Hanna decided to take matters into her own hands and create Scrambled Eggs. Hanna’s video mash-ups blend her own video montages with vintage cartoon reels such as Betty Boop and scenes from Georges Melies’ A Trip to the Moon. Naturally, I had to have my own 10-month-old tot, Alice, help me out with the review. We started with “Bring Back the Boop,” which features upbeat hip hop rhythms by Linus Stubbs that had Alice shaking her change machine like a maraca. Other videos such as “The Wondering Stars,” with a beat by B. Franks, had more obscure video montages, and the music is harmonic and easy going. The majority of the music available to sample on the demo site is more on the soothing nighttime area of kid’s music. I could see myself throwing the DVD on when it is time to start winding down for the night. My wife and I also found ourselves enjoying some of the tunes, which doesn’t ever happen with your typical made-for-kids tunes. There is nothing cornball about it. I wouldn’t go as far as to make any claims about the educational value of the material, but it is definitely entertaining, trippy and pretty fun.                        –­Ben Trentelman

Here you can download the entire 10 episode volume and burn it to DVD for your little peep to watch over and over again! “Scrambled Eggs” was created specifically for the wee ones to get their hip hop on and has been tested on the best. You can also download the soundtrack for weebles to wobble even without the visuals. I encourage everybody to download and share! Simply click on the image and it will take you to the download site.

Upbeat, Danceable and Fun!

Dreamy Sleepy Time Stories

Here you can preview a few of the videos!

Bimbos’s Alter Ego

Music by Raw Xtract

“Bring Back the Boop”

“Everybody Needs A Pet”

“Space Angels”

“The Wandering Stars”


About amihanna

Voyeur, audiophile, detective of the lost and and forgotten gems of public domain. I am a VJ, videographer and music producer currently based in SLC, Utah. I'm currently finalizing "Bargain Books and B Flicks", an album and music video "Chapter Book" based on stereotypes of cheesy detective novels such as Mickey Spillane. Each Chapter is a song and corresponding music video of the dark and twisted chambers of the human soul. The songs are instrumental beats and catchy dance type songs that are meant to be listened to as you are driving along by yourself at night, alone with your thoughts. You can watch a few pre-released videos and download some free tunes on the site! There are also works posted from my last album, Tool(1)Box, Free to Download as well! Welcome to the world of Bargain Books and B Flicks! Enjoy the show.

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  1. I don’t know what I prefer : that kind of videos or Piano Briefs ?

    • I like the cartoon mashup videos for live VJ show performances. But my youtube stats seem to say that people like to watch the live piano shots 🙂 I think avenue to exhibition is a key factor.

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