Stop and Break

                                 STOP! and Break! with DJ Electronic Battleship

I like when people dance to my beats. It’s as simple as that. So, I made a bunch of beats from danceable/movable songs, and added some of my own layers of piano on top. I’m fortunate that DJ Electronic Battleship is down to mix them up and add some scratch work. Made some videos that correspond to the tonality of the music, and I perform the songs live and mix the video with Resolume Avenue 4. This kind of work is called VJ’ing. VJ stands for Video Jockey, which is the process of mixing video in a live environment. I make my own video content though searching public domain films, and shooting my own clips. It’s a long process of creating the beat in Ableton Live, recording my keyboard compositions over the top of the beat using a Korg N1, searching out and editing the video clips, and then creating a VJ composition syncing the audio and visual clips in Resolume Avenue. It’s a long and fun process that ultimately culminates in a live presentation where I hook up my MacBook to a projector, and using Resolume and Ableton, I project these images and sounds onto a screen and into speakers so that an audience and experience the entire composition. VJ’ing is an art form in its infancy, and each VJ has his own process.  Not all VJ’s create their own music, nor their own content, so there’s another gold star. The reason I’m taking the time to comment on my skills is because of the nature of the world of the VJ. It’s in its fledgling stages and everyone has a different skill set. For the Stop and Break projec I’m playing along to the beats with the piano, and manipulating the visuals. This won’t always be my process. There’s many other ways to sync the audio and visuals together. Watch the video to see what we’re capable of.

Check out some other singles from Stop and Break below.

About amihanna

Voyeur, audiophile, detective of the lost and and forgotten gems of public domain. I am a VJ, videographer and music producer currently based in SLC, Utah. I'm currently finalizing "Bargain Books and B Flicks", an album and music video "Chapter Book" based on stereotypes of cheesy detective novels such as Mickey Spillane. Each Chapter is a song and corresponding music video of the dark and twisted chambers of the human soul. The songs are instrumental beats and catchy dance type songs that are meant to be listened to as you are driving along by yourself at night, alone with your thoughts. You can watch a few pre-released videos and download some free tunes on the site! There are also works posted from my last album, Tool(1)Box, Free to Download as well! Welcome to the world of Bargain Books and B Flicks! Enjoy the show.

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