Yoga Rave

I’m very excited to be DJing AND VJing for this innovative and ground breaking event! Monthly ecstatic dance communities are emerging from all over the country and I’m thrilled to be a part of the first ever Yoga Rave at the SLC Krishna Temple. One of the best parts about preparing for this is that I am able to utilize my previous yoga teacher and massage therapist experience into an arena I have envisioned and dreamed about for years. I’ve always wanted to be able to combine my musical composition and love of yogic philosophy into an avenue that can facilitate joy and spiritual development for others. I feel very blessed that this materialized for me. Not only will I be VJing the live event with images of Krishna mixed with beautiful spiritually conscious graphics, I am also mixing and providing the ecstatic dance music. Caru Das from the Krishna Temple has been very diligent in providing me with the musical resources to showcase music that will appeal to the spirit and inspire joyful movement. The word “Rave” instantly conjures associations of drug use, especially MDA and MDMA, which youthful Rave participants are interested in trying as a way to experiment with ways to expand their consciousness and develop familiarity with the Divine. More than likely, they aren’t even aware that this is the base urge that’s stimulating these desires. What the Yoga Rave provides is a healthy drug and alcohol free atmosphere to learn, challenge, and inspire our Divine Consciousness through ecstatic movement without harmful side effects. All ages will enjoy dancing with intervals of directed Yoga sequences led by trained and experienced Yoga teachers from the Krishna Temple. There will also be performances on stage by lovely ladies trained in traditional dance techniques based in the Krishna culture. Your senses will be enveloped in beauty through visions, sounds, and the direct experience of the joy your body is capable of expressing. Click on the flier above for more details from the Krishna temple. Below you can download and listen to a preview of the Yoga Rave music I’m compiling. Some of the tracks were provided to me from Caru Das, some were from my personal library of favorites from my own Yoga Teacher days and some are new songs I’ve discovered through researching what other DJ’s in the Yoga Music community are providing. Included are songs from DJ Cheb I Sabbah, DJ Drez, DJ Sharu, Beats Antique, MC Yogi, myself, and even Beastie Boys. You’ll hear several styles of dance music ranging from techno, trance, dubstep and hip hop. All of the music has the common thread of mantra, conscious spiritual elevation, and the inspiration to dance! Please enjoy and I hope to see you at the first ever Yoga Rave!

Download Rx Yoga Rave Mix


About amihanna

Voyeur, audiophile, detective of the lost and and forgotten gems of public domain. I am a VJ, videographer and music producer currently based in SLC, Utah. I'm currently finalizing "Bargain Books and B Flicks", an album and music video "Chapter Book" based on stereotypes of cheesy detective novels such as Mickey Spillane. Each Chapter is a song and corresponding music video of the dark and twisted chambers of the human soul. The songs are instrumental beats and catchy dance type songs that are meant to be listened to as you are driving along by yourself at night, alone with your thoughts. You can watch a few pre-released videos and download some free tunes on the site! There are also works posted from my last album, Tool(1)Box, Free to Download as well! Welcome to the world of Bargain Books and B Flicks! Enjoy the show.

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