Raw Xtract

VJ Video Jockey (n) a person who mixes and projects live visual images, typically accentuating a musical performance. A VJ utilizes images that may include business or artist logos, movie clips, custom graphics, and live video shots. VJ’s make your music LOOK good! i.e Raw Xtract

                                             The Universe According to the VJ

I started out playing piano when I was a little kid. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was really doing was using the piano as a tool to facilitate the movement of the shapes, colors, and stories in my head. In reality, I’m a talented pianist, but a better composer. Not just a composer of sounds, but a composer who uses sounds as ONE option to paint a model. For a very long time I shared my creative abilities behind a grand piano to an audience who maintained wall between what they heard and what they saw. Technology has given me the opportunity to do what composers “suffering” from synesthesia could only dream about until recently. I can sync a Universe together of colors, shapes, narratives, and sounds into an endless tangible wheel. My reality is not my own dream. Now I can take you with me into the World of a Synthesite, the Universe of a VJ.

Raw Xtract’s Ink

I’m happiest in the flurry of multi-task. SO! I have several different musical projects in various stages of post production. You can find the projects I’ve put out into the public consciousness at the top of the menu on this site. Bargain Books and B Flicks, Stop and Break, and FBI Fines. In these pages, you can hear some tracks from the upcoming projects, and a few videos, as well as some explanation as to what I do as a VJ. Check my “shows” page to get details on where I’m VJing and playing music. Be sure to scroll down to Past Shows to see pictures and videos of highlight from my performances.  This summer is bringing a LOT of hip hop shows to my VJ realm and I’m truly inspired to be out on the road and participate in some dope festivals and work with some amazing artists!

Booking and Services

I am based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, but I travel back and forth between Salt Lake and Nothern Cali quite often, as well as many other locations. If you’re interested in booking me for a show please email me and I will send you my promotional package and pricing. Keep in mind, having a VJ at your event gives you the ability to sell advertising. Aside from the obvious coolness a VJ set brings to a musical performance, a projection space can be used as an artistic billboard. You can cover the cost to bring me out by selling ad space during the event to your sponsors or local businesses. I have the gear and the specialty to do any scale of event from outside festivals to medium venues and everything in between. Video projection has specific specs involved in order to provide the best possible performance, so be prepared to communicate with me about stage specs, venue set up and geeky gear questions. If you’re a promoter, event coordinator or artist bringing me out I need you to put me into direct contact with the venue manager and/or sound man that runs sounds and/or lighting at the venue.

With every VJ performance I include artist logos, label logos, the venue logo, and the event flier. I can also project artist music videos in conjunction with the performance. This can facilitate a music video release or is a great accentuation to an album or mixtape release. I have a stockade of my own VJ clips that I have created myself, or manipulated myself to cater to hip hop music. I do quite a bit of dubstep shows as well so Im not limited to doing JUST hip hop. I focus on hip hop because it’s what I love creating as a musician, but I can VJ for any style or genre of music. I can also custom create content for your event or take suggestions for what you want to visually project. I charge for custom content based on the time involved to create it. Another ability I have is to film the performance live, say film an MC rapping, with an HD camera and project that image of him mixed with effects and other graphics live as its happening on stage. Think of the Rolling Stones shows where they have the HUGE display screens with Mick Jaggers face plastered all over as its happening in real time, and that’s what I can do for your show, only much cooler because I mix that with effect, graphics, and text. I also make custom projection screens, so if you’re doing an event where you want images projected into different areas of the venue or stage and the venue or stage doesnt have a space to project onto, I can make that happen. I charge based on supplies and time involved in making the screens.

Being that I have the camera gear, I can also film your event from my perspective or record the VJ performance so that you can have awesome youtube/vimeo music videos to use for promotion. I have a team of camera men, so if you want professionally shot live music videos, we can make that happen. If you have an idea for a unique aspect to a live show or music video, we can make anything happen. I got into VJing through making music videos and I had the idea “Hmm. What if I could take this and manipulate it live as the MC’s are performing?” I took my projector to a show, tried it out, got some ideas and the rest of the work is what brought me to this point. So if you have an idea for something unique you want to provide your audience, I am all about innovating and making it a reality. Part of my success is the fact that I dont hear “No”. I hear, “Hmmmm”. I encourage that process in other artists and LOVE when I have the opportunity to be involved in something truly unique, creative and innovative. We are all very fortunate to live in a time when technology bridges creativity into reality into bright new ways. Let’s take advantage of it!

As I said, I got into VJ’ing through making music videos. You can check some of those out here under the Music Video’s heading. If you’d like a Raw Xtract music video, hit me up! My music videos are nothing like what anyone else is doing right now. I have a defined style that grows with every event I do and every video I make. Likewise, I can score existing video content with original music. If you need a promotional video for an event, are a film maker that needs music for your work, or a theater group that needs music and/or an innovative set, I would love to facilitate that for you.

Contact Info


Burnell Washburn & Raw Xtract

The Hotel – May 31st – Desert Rocks PreParty


Def Letter Release Party Video Loop Reel

  1. Props, girl do your thing.

  2. Much kudos pretty lady 🙂 you have some awesomd talent… was listening to a lot of the works from the tool box then noticed your not too far from me!!! I be up in the ut too lol.

  3. Can’t wait to hear Bargin Books and B-Flicks!

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