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Bargain Books and B-Flicks

Bargain Books and B Flicks is a full length album of all original work. Each song on the album is the score to a scene you would find in a trashy 5 cent detective novel or vintage film noir flick. Each soundtrack song is accompanied by a music video, many of which contain vintage material from seedy bondage films and detective flicks. Also, each piece on the album is accompanied by a PDF Chapter that you would find in the book the song and video are created out of. This dark underworld of tragic beauty’s, washed out private investigators, and evil drug king pins will be fully interactive as a live VJ set and available upon release in a mutli-media format. The format the album will be released on is an entirely new and original concept and I’m thrilled to be the first artist to formulate this idea. I can say no more. I’ll be debuting some of the songs for the first time live at the Utah Arts Festival. Check under Shows in the menu for details.

Flamenco Flamingos on Park City TV

Bargain Books and B Flicks… On TV

I recruited my DJ in crime, Electronic Battleship, to go with me and shoot a few songs from some upcoming projects we have on Park City TV. Portia Early invited us to go and film for a show she hosts called “The Mountain View”. I’m really fortunate to be able to work with such talented individuals, and it’s even more exciting when all of those talented individuals converge to create art. This was the first time PC TV was able to use their brand new HD camera’s so we’re tried and true HD with this shoot. This means you have to go “Like” DJ Electronic Battleship’s fan page on Facebook and tell him how cute he looks in High Def.


Chapter One


This is the last day of a 40 day Kundalini yoga sadhana I’ve been practicing. Today, as the Kundalini yogi’s believe, is the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is the beginning of a 2000 year cycle in the larger scale of the cosmic calendar. So as I compete a meditation to open my higher consciousness to the heavens, I admit, I dont feel all that different. But that fact that I ACTUALLY completed a 40 day meditation is perhaps a new beginning in itself. I remained focused to finish a task that required maintaining a centered core, a base to launch from. Perhaps the launch will come, perhaps the steam is only beginning to build. Either way, its the start of a new journey. Take the train. Its the beginning of a new chapter in the world of Bargain Books and B Flicks. The world of Rx.

Flamenco Flamingos

Chapter 6, I think

Flamenco Flamingos

This video is the product of yet another public domain treasure gem. Some sickly minded individual (like minded that is) went to Tijuana Mexico strapped with a hidden camera. What you see here in the beginning of Flamenco Flamingos is those shots of real life hookers taken with hidden side shots. Thus, all the waist below images of Flamingo legs. This like minded twisted individual uploaded these short shots to be used as VJ loops. This is perfect for my own uses. I have always been drawn to the dark subject matter on the fringe of societal norms; drug abuse, prostitution, illegal escapades, seedy dive bars, menthol cigarettes, anything that can’t be politely spoken about at the dinner table. I love the darkness of the human psyche precisely because its not spoken of, its hidden. I derive great enjoyment out of bringing taboo subjects to a conversational point with the intention of asking “Why IS this taboo?”. This is part of the overall picture of Bargain Books and B Flicks as a concept album. I want to bring sexual images to the surface that push the pressure points of questioning. I realize that some of the subject matter is much more accessible for me to question being a woman. If a man were to make a music video about doing horribly perverse things to Latin prostitutes, or woman in general, his intentions would be held in question. Granted, perhaps mine are as well. Let’s get this straight though. I am not in any way shape or form promoting the actions in these videos. I want to bring a dark subject to light. I find BDSM interesting. I find snuff films interesting. I find prostitution interesting. Not because I promote the actions, but because I am interested in the motivation and psychological as well as societal undertones of what those actions represent. What’s the root of why these things are present? For the record, I am also interested in Care Bears, Beethoven sonatas, Espresso on an obsessive level, Totinos pizza’s, and pit bulls. My mental state is not ALL dark and deranged. But this album is about the things that exist in my dark mental state. So fuck off Care Bears, I’ll hunt you down later. This is about Tijuana hookers and necrophilia.

BTW, the last part of the video is bits and pieces of a student film, also in public domain. No Hookers, skanks, prostitutes, yo mama, flamingos, or any women in general were harmed or killed in the making of this film. Neither were Care Bears.

Midnight Rendevous

Bargain Books and B Flicks

Chapter 5

“Midnight Rendezvous”

Midnight Rendezvous is a small introduction to the dark underworld of Bargain Books and B Flicks. Each chapter is a different scene from the stereotypes you commonly find in bargain pile 5 cent pulp fiction books and second rate vintage detective movies you watch on late night TV. You’ll find degenerates and deviants in all sexual varieties. The dark and lonely, the curious and broken, the lost and forgotten. Chapter 5 brings us into what the camera man sees as he films sadistic bondage. He flashes between the longing to participate, and the guilt of remaining in the shadows alone with his dark desires. Enjoy the show.

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