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FBI Fines

The FBI Fines project is named rightly so for the extreme amount of copyright laws I’m breaking by even THINKING about doing this project. (FAIR USE!! FAIR USE!!) When you watch a movie on video you are informed that showing or distributing this work without express permission is punishable by some ridiculously outrageous fine amount through federal law by the FBI. I feel dirty and criminal even before I watch the movie. Anyhow, this type of law and mentality is directly applicable to the VJ who samples movies or other copyrighted video, as well as any music producer who is sampling music that hasn’t been rightfully cleared to use. This is a very controversial issue currently, that I won’t go into any great length here. (See Fair Use, Girl Talk) In any matter, here’s the concept of this project. I have taken some of my favorite songs from movie scores, and made them into hip hop/dance beats; Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Fountain, Last of the Mohicans… movie music and movie’s I love. The beats were actually pretty easy for me to construct, but taking the corresponding movies and taking the appropriate clips I want from them in order to mix a VJ composition that matched the beat is HUGELY time consuming. I won’t bore you with my geek details of that side of the creative process. This is purely a labor of interest and love. The music is available for free download, and although I can upload a VJ mixtape of the visuals onto youtube in technical terms, there would be a good chance it could be taken down for copyright infringement. Releasing this in full length time of the music with the visuals would require a printing rate which I would not be able to afford being that it would generate no revenue. Taking the time and money to clear the video and music samples from the movies is next to impossible. So, I would be counting on fair use in order to perform this project live and show these images in a public forum. Fair use includes many aspects, but here is the basis of this copyright law; if the work you are creating can stand alone without the copyrighted samples that you are using in order to create a new piece of art, typically you’re okay to use it. BUT, in reality, it’s a crap shoot mainly depending on the judge that your case went before and his understanding of works of art. I’m not planning on any financial gain from this project. I just love these movies, love these soundtracks, and I think it’s a REALLY COOL idea. Live movie/film manipulation. Neat huh!


Requiem 4 Dreams

I know everyone under Heaven and Earth has their remix on this track. But whatever. I like it. I can also push rank for having an excuse to beat it with the dead stick. The visuals that accompany this creepy emo soundtrack infiltrate your brain like that ear wig thing from Star Trek, lay down some horror eggs, and instantly conjure images of hacked junky arms. I cant resist.

This is What I look Like Bored in a Motel Room

why wont this upload? on Twitpic

Where are the Hookers and Blow?! Fuck it. Here’s a Beat. I’ve accumulated a fair amount of beats I’ve made from Movie Soundtrack music. It dawned on me a few days ago that this is several steps in the direction of an incredibly ill VJ set (taking into consideration I use the accompanying movie footage). This set will not only copyright infringe in the traditional hip hop audio format, it will expand the corporate FUCK YOU of royalty entitlement into the film industry as well. Oh the ever impending interests of adding audio and visual together. * that’s sarcasm you dry fucks*

I’ve officially crossed the line into Rx rated. Children shouldn’t be reading this. Put your pipe down and put them to bed. Here’s a sample from one of the sound bytes I’ve been day dreaming about. I finished this today in a Sacramento motel room. There are no Hookers N Blow to be found, so I needed to occupy myself with something. It feels oddly empty to be in a motel room with no coca. Sad Panda. Listen to my beat. It will make me feel better. If you really care though you’ll send me over a Latino chic in red panty’s with a good line of traffic control. Thanks for your support.

I’m a big fan of Darren Aronofsky. My fan-ish started with Pi, moved along reluctantly into Requiem for a Dream, came to a complete stop with The Wrestler (but that’s beside the point) and culminated in The Fountain. Music=stellar. Images=stellar. Metaphor and Narrative=Stellar. Im excited to mesh his world with my VJ mind. Take a peek.

FBI Fines Songs

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