Stop and Break

                                 STOP! and Break! with DJ Electronic Battleship

I like when people dance to my beats. It’s as simple as that. So, I made a bunch of beats from danceable/movable songs, and added some of my own layers of piano on top. I’m fortunate that DJ Electronic Battleship is down to mix them up and add some scratch work. Made some videos that correspond to the tonality of the music, and I perform the songs live and mix the video with Resolume Avenue 4. This kind of work is called VJ’ing. VJ stands for Video Jockey, which is the process of mixing video in a live environment. I make my own video content though searching public domain films, and shooting my own clips. It’s a long process of creating the beat in Ableton Live, recording my keyboard compositions over the top of the beat using a Korg N1, searching out and editing the video clips, and then creating a VJ composition syncing the audio and visual clips in Resolume Avenue. It’s a long and fun process that ultimately culminates in a live presentation where I hook up my MacBook to a projector, and using Resolume and Ableton, I project these images and sounds onto a screen and into speakers so that an audience and experience the entire composition. VJ’ing is an art form in its infancy, and each VJ has his own process.  Not all VJ’s create their own music, nor their own content, so there’s another gold star. The reason I’m taking the time to comment on my skills is because of the nature of the world of the VJ. It’s in its fledgling stages and everyone has a different skill set. For the Stop and Break projec I’m playing along to the beats with the piano, and manipulating the visuals. This won’t always be my process. There’s many other ways to sync the audio and visuals together. Watch the video to see what we’re capable of.

Check out some other singles from Stop and Break below.

Requiem 4 Dreams

I know everyone under Heaven and Earth has their remix on this track. But whatever. I like it. I can also push rank for having an excuse to beat it with the dead stick. The visuals that accompany this creepy emo soundtrack infiltrate your brain like that ear wig thing from Star Trek, lay down some horror eggs, and instantly conjure images of hacked junky arms. I cant resist.

“Fi-Ah!” -A Mixtape of Epic Proportions


-A Mixtape of Epic Proportions-

This is exactly as the title says it is. Know this in your heart, it IS the truth! It seems every other Facebook post I see from an underground hip hop artist claims that their new track is “Fire”. This claim of having “Fire” is as common as someone saying you “Killed It” during a performance. All this fire and murder would be concerning and fairly interesting if there was any truth to it. But, it’s only a phrase people say. Like “I’m fine” or “See you soon”. The haphazard usage has started to irritate me. Say what you mean and mean what you say. So I did, and here it is, an 8 min inspiration from the most common word in the underground. Please enjoy. It’s Fi-Ah!

This is What I look Like Bored in a Motel Room

why wont this upload? on Twitpic

Where are the Hookers and Blow?! Fuck it. Here’s a Beat. I’ve accumulated a fair amount of beats I’ve made from Movie Soundtrack music. It dawned on me a few days ago that this is several steps in the direction of an incredibly ill VJ set (taking into consideration I use the accompanying movie footage). This set will not only copyright infringe in the traditional hip hop audio format, it will expand the corporate FUCK YOU of royalty entitlement into the film industry as well. Oh the ever impending interests of adding audio and visual together. * that’s sarcasm you dry fucks*

I’ve officially crossed the line into Rx rated. Children shouldn’t be reading this. Put your pipe down and put them to bed. Here’s a sample from one of the sound bytes I’ve been day dreaming about. I finished this today in a Sacramento motel room. There are no Hookers N Blow to be found, so I needed to occupy myself with something. It feels oddly empty to be in a motel room with no coca. Sad Panda. Listen to my beat. It will make me feel better. If you really care though you’ll send me over a Latino chic in red panty’s with a good line of traffic control. Thanks for your support.

I’m a big fan of Darren Aronofsky. My fan-ish started with Pi, moved along reluctantly into Requiem for a Dream, came to a complete stop with The Wrestler (but that’s beside the point) and culminated in The Fountain. Music=stellar. Images=stellar. Metaphor and Narrative=Stellar. Im excited to mesh his world with my VJ mind. Take a peek.

FBI Fines Songs

Chapter One


This is the last day of a 40 day Kundalini yoga sadhana I’ve been practicing. Today, as the Kundalini yogi’s believe, is the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is the beginning of a 2000 year cycle in the larger scale of the cosmic calendar. So as I compete a meditation to open my higher consciousness to the heavens, I admit, I dont feel all that different. But that fact that I ACTUALLY completed a 40 day meditation is perhaps a new beginning in itself. I remained focused to finish a task that required maintaining a centered core, a base to launch from. Perhaps the launch will come, perhaps the steam is only beginning to build. Either way, its the start of a new journey. Take the train. Its the beginning of a new chapter in the world of Bargain Books and B Flicks. The world of Rx.

Flamenco Flamingos

Chapter 6, I think

Flamenco Flamingos

This video is the product of yet another public domain treasure gem. Some sickly minded individual (like minded that is) went to Tijuana Mexico strapped with a hidden camera. What you see here in the beginning of Flamenco Flamingos is those shots of real life hookers taken with hidden side shots. Thus, all the waist below images of Flamingo legs. This like minded twisted individual uploaded these short shots to be used as VJ loops. This is perfect for my own uses. I have always been drawn to the dark subject matter on the fringe of societal norms; drug abuse, prostitution, illegal escapades, seedy dive bars, menthol cigarettes, anything that can’t be politely spoken about at the dinner table. I love the darkness of the human psyche precisely because its not spoken of, its hidden. I derive great enjoyment out of bringing taboo subjects to a conversational point with the intention of asking “Why IS this taboo?”. This is part of the overall picture of Bargain Books and B Flicks as a concept album. I want to bring sexual images to the surface that push the pressure points of questioning. I realize that some of the subject matter is much more accessible for me to question being a woman. If a man were to make a music video about doing horribly perverse things to Latin prostitutes, or woman in general, his intentions would be held in question. Granted, perhaps mine are as well. Let’s get this straight though. I am not in any way shape or form promoting the actions in these videos. I want to bring a dark subject to light. I find BDSM interesting. I find snuff films interesting. I find prostitution interesting. Not because I promote the actions, but because I am interested in the motivation and psychological as well as societal undertones of what those actions represent. What’s the root of why these things are present? For the record, I am also interested in Care Bears, Beethoven sonatas, Espresso on an obsessive level, Totinos pizza’s, and pit bulls. My mental state is not ALL dark and deranged. But this album is about the things that exist in my dark mental state. So fuck off Care Bears, I’ll hunt you down later. This is about Tijuana hookers and necrophilia.

BTW, the last part of the video is bits and pieces of a student film, also in public domain. No Hookers, skanks, prostitutes, yo mama, flamingos, or any women in general were harmed or killed in the making of this film. Neither were Care Bears.

Midnight Rendevous

Bargain Books and B Flicks

Chapter 5

“Midnight Rendezvous”

Midnight Rendezvous is a small introduction to the dark underworld of Bargain Books and B Flicks. Each chapter is a different scene from the stereotypes you commonly find in bargain pile 5 cent pulp fiction books and second rate vintage detective movies you watch on late night TV. You’ll find degenerates and deviants in all sexual varieties. The dark and lonely, the curious and broken, the lost and forgotten. Chapter 5 brings us into what the camera man sees as he films sadistic bondage. He flashes between the longing to participate, and the guilt of remaining in the shadows alone with his dark desires. Enjoy the show.

Tool (1) Box

Pick (1) up from the Tool Box. This album snuck up on me. These are tracks Ive worked on over the last year and a half as experiments in sound design. I pulled various samples from musical instruments I have discovered along my spiritual path; singing bowls and Tibetan mantras from my philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American drumming and chanting that reflects a period in my life when I was participating in Shamanic ceremonies, Japanese flutes used in Zen meditation songs, and many other sounds from spiritual disciplines and world cultures I have respect and passion for. Each song in Tool (1) Box is a chapter of a different stage along my spiritual journey. I never planned on releasing any of these “experiments” but one day I took stock of my musical folders and realized that these unreleased tracks all reflected a narrative. The more I focused on what these songs were saying, the more I saw that each of these songs were a Tool, a “Key” if you will to unlocking various stages of consciousness. Thus, this album is a Tool Box for exploring the nature of the journey of the soul, the journey of the Wounded Healer. Listening to Tool (1) Box in it’s entirety will take you to the trail head of the path, lead you through the ocean of the unconscious into Purgatory. Yes, I walked through Hell too. You’ll hear the echoes of conversations with demons I once had. You’ll hear the sounds of ceremonies that trans-versed time and space to retrieve my soul. Finally you’ll hear the path of climbing the ladders to Heaven. I am not alone in this journey. There are many souls that are in various stages of this journey. I dont believe that I have stopped in the path, but I do think I have made a revolution of a cycle. Please pick (1) up from the Tool Box and use it wisely.

Download Tool (1) Box for FREE!

Music Videos from Tool (1) Box

The Tool Maker

Mysterious & Strange

An Xtraordinary Experience

The Visuals

A La Video!

Listed in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite videos I have produced for other artists. Keep in mind, I am being selfish on this list and these are MY favorites, not necessarily anyone else’s favorites. BUT! You can hit my YouTube link to watch the full spectrum of my videography. Take your time with the menu. There’s plenty to digest!

“Lost Vague Us”

“In the Shadows”


“So Sick”


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