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Tool (1) Box

Pick (1) up from the Tool Box. This album snuck up on me. These are tracks Ive worked on over the last year and a half as experiments in sound design. I pulled various samples from musical instruments I have discovered along my spiritual path; singing bowls and Tibetan mantras from my philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American drumming and chanting that reflects a period in my life when I was participating in Shamanic ceremonies, Japanese flutes used in Zen meditation songs, and many other sounds from spiritual disciplines and world cultures I have respect and passion for. Each song in Tool (1) Box is a chapter of a different stage along my spiritual journey. I never planned on releasing any of these “experiments” but one day I took stock of my musical folders and realized that these unreleased tracks all reflected a narrative. The more I focused on what these songs were saying, the more I saw that each of these songs were a Tool, a “Key” if you will to unlocking various stages of consciousness. Thus, this album is a Tool Box for exploring the nature of the journey of the soul, the journey of the Wounded Healer. Listening to Tool (1) Box in it’s entirety will take you to the trail head of the path, lead you through the ocean of the unconscious into Purgatory. Yes, I walked through Hell too. You’ll hear the echoes of conversations with demons I once had. You’ll hear the sounds of ceremonies that trans-versed time and space to retrieve my soul. Finally you’ll hear the path of climbing the ladders to Heaven. I am not alone in this journey. There are many souls that are in various stages of this journey. I dont believe that I have stopped in the path, but I do think I have made a revolution of a cycle. Please pick (1) up from the Tool Box and use it wisely.

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Music Videos from Tool (1) Box

The Tool Maker

Mysterious & Strange

An Xtraordinary Experience

The Visuals

A La Video!

Listed in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite videos I have produced for other artists. Keep in mind, I am being selfish on this list and these are MY favorites, not necessarily anyone else’s favorites. BUT! You can hit my YouTube link to watch the full spectrum of my videography. Take your time with the menu. There’s plenty to digest!

“Lost Vague Us”

“In the Shadows”


“So Sick”


Mercury Retrograde and Eleven

Mercury officially turned retrograde three days ago, August 20, 2010. Being that Mercury rules information and communication, it seems appropriate that I would rediscover the possibility of this blog during this over the shoulder orbit. I actually don’t recall my original intention for beginning this blog. Perhaps I never knew it to begin with. Whatever the original reason, I have decided to use this blog to document and share my poetry and other philosophical mental tidbits. I recently finished my first spoken word album set to original compositions. You can call this creation poetry, you may call it music. All of it is art. Eleven is the culmination of two years of writing poems and songs, reading and performing at open mics, recording those performances, and taking what I have learned from all of the above and editing it into a full length listening experience.

The inspiration from these pieces lays in the foundation of my own personal path of life and death. Eleven is my Lazarus. If you listen closely, you will hear within the metaphors my own real experiences of losing my boyfriend to suicide. You will hear of my life living on the streets, homeless as a wandering Buddha after I almost lost my life to heroin and cocaine. You will hear the resolutions of words culminate into Ophiuchus, the 13th sign. The sign of life, death and rebirth. You will hear the voice of Sean Armstrong, my trusted and dear confidant during the time I was homeless, healing, and learning how to express my voice. Sean passed away last summer. It was his passing that brought about the realization of the fact that I had combined the head and tail of a snake. I had learned the power of words. I speak in vague metaphors, but if you listen closely between the space in the words. You will hear the pain and the love of this lesson. You will also hear prophesy’s of work to come. My work as well as our work. We are a nation of Indigo souls incarnate in this life to reconnect the puzzle. In the process of reconnection, we will find the sacred contracts of life and death.

Now that I have completed certain contracts, I have peeled away the outer layer of an apple and found a more delicate meat inside myself. It was something previously forbidden. Forbidden only from myself due to the necessary extraction  of the element of gratitude. I have discovered gratitude for the bad as well as the good, no matter how deathly painful. I have a mountain of new pieces intended to be set to music. However, those will be set to music and released in a different format. This blog space is a gift to myself, and if you accept my forbidden apple, it is a gift to you. It is a gift of simplicity.

My musical poetry is seeped in layers of metaphor and intricacy. These posts, for the most part, will be slices of the pie. Tasty little morsels of Taoist notions and social commentary. Not that I won’t speak of deeper elements. However, I wish to develop within myself a clear, precise and aware consciousness while I write. I feel that with the work I have set to music, I don’t always know the intention and subject of what I am trying to say until after it is committed to a solid form. My work tends to be lengthy, condensed in metaphor, and committed to an internal rhyme scheme even before the fingers hit the keyboard. So for now, this blog is a meditation of words, simple and delicate.

Mercury is in retrograde so I will let my digital fortune cookie be backed up frequently and expect delays. However, sometimes moving backwards is actually a step forward. Please check back as I will be updating this frequently, and in the meantime, you can download Eleven for free at Thank you for taking the time within yourself to read, and meditate. The following words are the beginning in a practice of simplicity.

Bruce Lee's manifesto on self mastery

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do


Music stand

Black and white

Spine curved


Mind spars action


Water fills empty


Carved chopping

Block of wood

Holds gravity

Editing words

Down to


Reality Television

Edited scenes

Projected images

Ingesting, drinking


Reality television

We will buy

We will distract

We will imagine

This is reality

Trashy covers

Hour segments

Spinning yarns

Bedroom dreams

Starlet marquees

Vegas metaphors

The Real World

On the TV screen

Celebrity Death Match

Stop motion

Clay molds

Opposing forms

Two sides

Of stereotypes

Cultural faces

Tabloid tales

Gumby limbs

Elastic elapse

Morphed movements

Tom and Jerry

Chase duels

Slapstick violence

Cartoons convey

Subconscious puddles

Leek Tchaikovsky

Soundtracks, mouth harps

Bottle blows

Smashed pianos

ACME anvils

Tuxedo referees

Laurel and Hardy


Subtext celebrity death matches

Ru Paul

The Drag Queen


50 Cent

The MC

Claymation iconography

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