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Yoga Rave

I’m very excited to be DJing AND VJing for this innovative and ground breaking event! Monthly ecstatic dance communities are emerging from all over the country and I’m thrilled to be a part of the first ever Yoga Rave at the SLC Krishna Temple. One of the best parts about preparing for this is that I am able to utilize my previous yoga teacher and massage therapist experience into an arena I have envisioned and dreamed about for years. I’ve always wanted to be able to combine my musical composition and love of yogic philosophy into an avenue that can facilitate joy and spiritual development for others. I feel very blessed that this materialized for me. Not only will I be VJing the live event with images of Krishna mixed with beautiful spiritually conscious graphics, I am also mixing and providing the ecstatic dance music. Caru Das from the Krishna Temple has been very diligent in providing me with the musical resources to showcase music that will appeal to the spirit and inspire joyful movement. The word “Rave” instantly conjures associations of drug use, especially MDA and MDMA, which youthful Rave participants are interested in trying as a way to experiment with ways to expand their consciousness and develop familiarity with the Divine. More than likely, they aren’t even aware that this is the base urge that’s stimulating these desires. What the Yoga Rave provides is a healthy drug and alcohol free atmosphere to learn, challenge, and inspire our Divine Consciousness through ecstatic movement without harmful side effects. All ages will enjoy dancing with intervals of directed Yoga sequences led by trained and experienced Yoga teachers from the Krishna Temple. There will also be performances on stage by lovely ladies trained in traditional dance techniques based in the Krishna culture. Your senses will be enveloped in beauty through visions, sounds, and the direct experience of the joy your body is capable of expressing. Click on the flier above for more details from the Krishna temple. Below you can download and listen to a preview of the Yoga Rave music I’m compiling. Some of the tracks were provided to me from Caru Das, some were from my personal library of favorites from my own Yoga Teacher days and some are new songs I’ve discovered through researching what other DJ’s in the Yoga Music community are providing. Included are songs from DJ Cheb I Sabbah, DJ Drez, DJ Sharu, Beats Antique, MC Yogi, myself, and even Beastie Boys. You’ll hear several styles of dance music ranging from techno, trance, dubstep and hip hop. All of the music has the common thread of mantra, conscious spiritual elevation, and the inspiration to dance! Please enjoy and I hope to see you at the first ever Yoga Rave!

Download Rx Yoga Rave Mix

Raw Xtract > Hip Hop

Today on the Summer Jam Stage! It’s Greater Than > Hip Hop~ That’s me. Singin’, Piano Playin’, VJin’, Better Than Ice Cream and Hip Hop! Jenn Doe Photography presents the Summer Jam Second Stage! And I will be on it! My Buddy LAM from Self Expression Music helped mold this spicey little track. Check out what Im all about and be sure to click on my Bio page here on the website to learn what I do as a sexy sassy VJ to book me for your next event!

Im not quite hip hop, Im something > than. I have the elements though! I make my own beats and collab with some amazingly talented artists such DJ Young Native and WakeSelf.

 VJ Rx> Hip Hop

Raw Xtract from Raw Xtract on Vimeo.

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The Sound of Sense Tour

I’ve been busy at work on my VJ Mixtape release for Stop and Break and the time is almost here for the official release! The Sound of Sense Tour is a great opportunity for me to present the Stop and Break songs in the VJ format with full visual projections for the first time. Al Basics, P.ost S.cripts and Pablo S. Cobars from Kamerata Records are coming to Utah from Tempe, Arizona to promote work from the newly formed independent label. Al Basics just released his album “The Sound of Sense” produced by HanSolo. I can’t wait to introduce these amazing artists to the Utah hip hop scene!

Check out the new music video from Al Basics and check the flavor of out upcoming shows!

Mainstream of Consciousness

Thursday July 26th 8pm Muse Cafe Provo Utah

We will be opening the show at Muse Cafe in Provo with an open mic from 8-9. You dont have to be an MC or hip hop artist to come share your talents! I will have my keyboard there as well if any key players would like to get down! Opening the show we have Black Socks and Weird Sense from Logan, Yze from the Alive and Well family and myself. DJ Keeb is coming all the way from Logan to grace the tables for us. I will also be VJing the entire show. I’ll be projecting visuals for the open mic as well so if you’d like to have your first experience being accompanied in your performance with professionally mixed visual compositions, come on out! The last hour of the show we’ll be able to hear the crew from Kamerata Records. All ages, $5! There’s a lot to take in so bring your friends! Click on the event picture to RSPV to the show and spread the word.

Friday July 27th The Monthly Mic Check at The Barbary Coast 9pm

This will be the very last Monthly Mic Check presented by Jenn Doe. She’s moving onto producing bigger and better events, but this is a show not to miss! U92 will be broadcasting live outside from 9-10 selling Summer Jam tickets at a discounted price. The entire show will be outside so that we can chill and enjoy what the summer weather has to offer. Food and drinks on the patio! I will be there with DJ Electronic Battleship doin what we do from Stop and Break. If you’re in the SLC area this is your chance to be introduced to the new wave in hip hop, the VJ! (Me) Also performing is my friend and amazing MC, Padrino. He has booty shaking tunes and a high energy set! Rock Solid on the tables, and Dr. Nick on the mic all night hosting the show. We got freestyle battles followed by the Kamerata Records boys! Click on the pict for all the details on FaceBook. 5$ at the door. 21+

Saturday July 28th Elefunk Record Shop Logan 9pm

And finally another all ages show in Logan at Black Socks record shop, Elefunk Record Shop. It’s always a great time to go and rock a show with the Street Def crew! Black Socks always hosts a great party and a high energy crowd. If you’re in the area this is def not to miss. We got Louis Troupe! We got Black Socks! We got Weird Sense, Syd’s Kid and Lucky! And of course we have Raw Xtract VJing the show and opening up with Stop and Break for Al Basics, P.ost S.cripts and Pablo S. Cobars! DJ Keeb on the tables all night long! $5 at the door and the afterparty goes all night. Don’t forget the best part of Logan is that you can buy beer 24 hours a day. Truth. Check the pict for event page and invite all your Loganites!

Click on my Stop and Break heading in the menu bar for more details on my project. Here’s the link for Kamerata Records and the Bandcamp for Al Basics where you can listen to and buy The Sound of Sense. Hope to see you there!


The Sound of Sense

Utah Arts Fest With DJ Electronic Battleship

Utah Arts Festival Schedule

Utah Arts Festival is upon us this week and I have lots of activities in the works! Here’s a schedule of events from my musical events, to VJ presentations, to theater groups! Be sure to check it all out!

Thursday June 21st – Summer Solstice

The Blue Distance – In the Round – Outside Library Auditorium – 8pm

A theater experience presented to you by Melissa Bond, Amie, and Rachel. Explore the female mystique through words of poetry and interactive audience participation. Music and visuals provided by Raw Xtract.

Fri 22nd and Sun 24th 5:30-6:30

Raw Xtract with DJ Electronic Battleship

DJ Electronic Battleship and I will be performing on the Big Mouth Stage (literary stage by the courthouse) on Friday June 22nd 5:30-6:30 and Sunday June 24th same bat time, same bat place. In 2010 I had the pleasure of performing works from my spoken word album, Eleven, at the Utah Arts Fest on the Big Mouth Stage. This year they’re having me back to perform works from my upcoming album Bargain Books and B Flicks, a concept album of stereotypes found in 5 cent detective novels represented by musical themes. Although most of my performance is piano set over hip hop/electronic beats, I will be splicing in a little word play here and there. Battleship and I will also be performing some funky danceable breaks from our upcoming VJ mixtape, Stop and Break. All the beats and overlaying piano are composed by me though samples of well known pop/rock and jazz tunes, and spun on the turntables by Electronic Battleship. We have lots of great material to share and I’m excited to be bridge a gap of literary arts and hip hop urban arts. We will be releasing Stop and Break on July 27th at The Monthly Mic Check held at the Barbary Coast Salon, an event brought to you by Jenn Doe, photographer extraordinaire! Follow up performances in conjunction with Summer Jams, the following day and evening at the event after party. Bargain Books and B Flicks will be released in conjunction with the SLC Gallery Stroll in front of Ken Sanders Bookstore on Friday Sept. 21st. We will be video mapping the exterior of the building in conjunction with performing the music and poetic tracks. The Bargain Books and B Flicks release will kick off a west coast tour with Albany cohort, GM.

Saturday Night After the Arts Fest!

Come on over to Bar Deluxe on 668 S State Street to catch a cold beer and some hot music! I’ll be VJing for the boys, George Life, Black Socks, Jef Doogie and Definition Rare from New Mexico. DJ Keeb on the tables! Doors at 9. Walk on down the block and catch some of my tracks from Bargain Books and B Flicks!

The Selective Echo (UAF Blog) Raw Xtract Interview

Click the link to read all about what’s up in my world these days!

Highlights from the Arts Fest

FBI Fines

The FBI Fines project is named rightly so for the extreme amount of copyright laws I’m breaking by even THINKING about doing this project. (FAIR USE!! FAIR USE!!) When you watch a movie on video you are informed that showing or distributing this work without express permission is punishable by some ridiculously outrageous fine amount through federal law by the FBI. I feel dirty and criminal even before I watch the movie. Anyhow, this type of law and mentality is directly applicable to the VJ who samples movies or other copyrighted video, as well as any music producer who is sampling music that hasn’t been rightfully cleared to use. This is a very controversial issue currently, that I won’t go into any great length here. (See Fair Use, Girl Talk) In any matter, here’s the concept of this project. I have taken some of my favorite songs from movie scores, and made them into hip hop/dance beats; Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Fountain, Last of the Mohicans… movie music and movie’s I love. The beats were actually pretty easy for me to construct, but taking the corresponding movies and taking the appropriate clips I want from them in order to mix a VJ composition that matched the beat is HUGELY time consuming. I won’t bore you with my geek details of that side of the creative process. This is purely a labor of interest and love. The music is available for free download, and although I can upload a VJ mixtape of the visuals onto youtube in technical terms, there would be a good chance it could be taken down for copyright infringement. Releasing this in full length time of the music with the visuals would require a printing rate which I would not be able to afford being that it would generate no revenue. Taking the time and money to clear the video and music samples from the movies is next to impossible. So, I would be counting on fair use in order to perform this project live and show these images in a public forum. Fair use includes many aspects, but here is the basis of this copyright law; if the work you are creating can stand alone without the copyrighted samples that you are using in order to create a new piece of art, typically you’re okay to use it. BUT, in reality, it’s a crap shoot mainly depending on the judge that your case went before and his understanding of works of art. I’m not planning on any financial gain from this project. I just love these movies, love these soundtracks, and I think it’s a REALLY COOL idea. Live movie/film manipulation. Neat huh!

Stop and Break


Album art By Dusk

Each beat I’ve made for this project samples a well known pop, rock, or jazz tune. I play keys over the top of the beats while all while I mix and project (VJ) live visuals. The accompanying videos and VJ set includes shots I’ve taken of various dancers performing various styles of dance. Check below to see a Bboy video I shot and mixed a few months back for the project and stay tuned to the site because more videos are currently under construction. This project, like all the others, is also an interactive VJ set performed live, and I  have some surprises in store!

Bargain Books and B-Flicks

Bargain Books and B Flicks is a full length album of all original work. Each song on the album is the score to a scene you would find in a trashy 5 cent detective novel or vintage film noir flick. Each soundtrack song is accompanied by a music video, many of which contain vintage material from seedy bondage films and detective flicks. Also, each piece on the album is accompanied by a PDF Chapter that you would find in the book the song and video are created out of. This dark underworld of tragic beauty’s, washed out private investigators, and evil drug king pins will be fully interactive as a live VJ set and available upon release in a mutli-media format. The format the album will be released on is an entirely new and original concept and I’m thrilled to be the first artist to formulate this idea. I can say no more. I’ll be debuting some of the songs for the first time live at the Utah Arts Festival. Check under Shows in the menu for details.

Siento Bueno

Welcome to “Stop and Break”. Here’s the first official video from an album of beats meant to dance to! The beat is something I conjured up for the Scrambled Crates 7 project and appears courtesy of Them Fighting Words. It appears on Stop and Break because it falls into the moveable danceable material that characterizes the album. Check each of the posts below for more details on the project and some free downloads!

This is What I look Like Bored in a Motel Room

why wont this upload? on Twitpic

Where are the Hookers and Blow?! Fuck it. Here’s a Beat. I’ve accumulated a fair amount of beats I’ve made from Movie Soundtrack music. It dawned on me a few days ago that this is several steps in the direction of an incredibly ill VJ set (taking into consideration I use the accompanying movie footage). This set will not only copyright infringe in the traditional hip hop audio format, it will expand the corporate FUCK YOU of royalty entitlement into the film industry as well. Oh the ever impending interests of adding audio and visual together. * that’s sarcasm you dry fucks*

I’ve officially crossed the line into Rx rated. Children shouldn’t be reading this. Put your pipe down and put them to bed. Here’s a sample from one of the sound bytes I’ve been day dreaming about. I finished this today in a Sacramento motel room. There are no Hookers N Blow to be found, so I needed to occupy myself with something. It feels oddly empty to be in a motel room with no coca. Sad Panda. Listen to my beat. It will make me feel better. If you really care though you’ll send me over a Latino chic in red panty’s with a good line of traffic control. Thanks for your support.

I’m a big fan of Darren Aronofsky. My fan-ish started with Pi, moved along reluctantly into Requiem for a Dream, came to a complete stop with The Wrestler (but that’s beside the point) and culminated in The Fountain. Music=stellar. Images=stellar. Metaphor and Narrative=Stellar. Im excited to mesh his world with my VJ mind. Take a peek.

Flamenco Flamingos

Chapter 6, I think

Flamenco Flamingos

This video is the product of yet another public domain treasure gem. Some sickly minded individual (like minded that is) went to Tijuana Mexico strapped with a hidden camera. What you see here in the beginning of Flamenco Flamingos is those shots of real life hookers taken with hidden side shots. Thus, all the waist below images of Flamingo legs. This like minded twisted individual uploaded these short shots to be used as VJ loops. This is perfect for my own uses. I have always been drawn to the dark subject matter on the fringe of societal norms; drug abuse, prostitution, illegal escapades, seedy dive bars, menthol cigarettes, anything that can’t be politely spoken about at the dinner table. I love the darkness of the human psyche precisely because its not spoken of, its hidden. I derive great enjoyment out of bringing taboo subjects to a conversational point with the intention of asking “Why IS this taboo?”. This is part of the overall picture of Bargain Books and B Flicks as a concept album. I want to bring sexual images to the surface that push the pressure points of questioning. I realize that some of the subject matter is much more accessible for me to question being a woman. If a man were to make a music video about doing horribly perverse things to Latin prostitutes, or woman in general, his intentions would be held in question. Granted, perhaps mine are as well. Let’s get this straight though. I am not in any way shape or form promoting the actions in these videos. I want to bring a dark subject to light. I find BDSM interesting. I find snuff films interesting. I find prostitution interesting. Not because I promote the actions, but because I am interested in the motivation and psychological as well as societal undertones of what those actions represent. What’s the root of why these things are present? For the record, I am also interested in Care Bears, Beethoven sonatas, Espresso on an obsessive level, Totinos pizza’s, and pit bulls. My mental state is not ALL dark and deranged. But this album is about the things that exist in my dark mental state. So fuck off Care Bears, I’ll hunt you down later. This is about Tijuana hookers and necrophilia.

BTW, the last part of the video is bits and pieces of a student film, also in public domain. No Hookers, skanks, prostitutes, yo mama, flamingos, or any women in general were harmed or killed in the making of this film. Neither were Care Bears.

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