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Tool (1) Box

Pick (1) up from the Tool Box. This album snuck up on me. These are tracks Ive worked on over the last year and a half as experiments in sound design. I pulled various samples from musical instruments I have discovered along my spiritual path; singing bowls and Tibetan mantras from my philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American drumming and chanting that reflects a period in my life when I was participating in Shamanic ceremonies, Japanese flutes used in Zen meditation songs, and many other sounds from spiritual disciplines and world cultures I have respect and passion for. Each song in Tool (1) Box is a chapter of a different stage along my spiritual journey. I never planned on releasing any of these “experiments” but one day I took stock of my musical folders and realized that these unreleased tracks all reflected a narrative. The more I focused on what these songs were saying, the more I saw that each of these songs were a Tool, a “Key” if you will to unlocking various stages of consciousness. Thus, this album is a Tool Box for exploring the nature of the journey of the soul, the journey of the Wounded Healer. Listening to Tool (1) Box in it’s entirety will take you to the trail head of the path, lead you through the ocean of the unconscious into Purgatory. Yes, I walked through Hell too. You’ll hear the echoes of conversations with demons I once had. You’ll hear the sounds of ceremonies that trans-versed time and space to retrieve my soul. Finally you’ll hear the path of climbing the ladders to Heaven. I am not alone in this journey. There are many souls that are in various stages of this journey. I dont believe that I have stopped in the path, but I do think I have made a revolution of a cycle. Please pick (1) up from the Tool Box and use it wisely.

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